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Today we are excited to announce our campus initiative! Our college initiative, which is co-created by Tina Giarla and Kevin Lilly, is designed to create Samaritans Steps clubs on college campuses that would work to actively prevent and end homelessness on both college campuses as well as the immediate community.

“I know first hand how important it is to have resources readily available for young adults facing homelessness.” said Tina Giarla, co-creator of the campus initiative. “Having gone through the struggles of homelessness, you realize that there is so much one person, or organization can do to help facilitate the preventative resources so one does not become homeless. This is what we are hoping to do through out Samaritans Steps’ campus initiative. We want the young adults to know there will be a safety net to catch them if they fall. We want to be preventative, resourceful and a valuable club to anyone in immediate need.”

“Our goal, by creating a campus outreach program, is to not only bring homelessness to the forefront, but to help those students on campus who may be experiencing homelessness,” said Kevin Lilly founder of Samaritans Steps. “We want to provide them with the proper resources to overcome homelessness so that homelessness is just a mere hurdle on their path to success. This initiative can have a profound impact in the lives of homeless students on campus as well as those participating in the club, and the club can also help build a deeper sense of community on college campuses”

You can get involved and help us make a difference by becoming a Campus Ambassador. As a C.A. you would represent the organization as well as create a Samaritans Steps club on your campus. We will provide you will a handbook as well as other additional resources as you progress.


You can find the campus ambassador description here Samaritans-Steps-Campus-Ambassador

You can also apply to become a Samaritans Steps Campus Ambassador at your college/university here: Campus Ambassador Application

The official press release will be posted shortly

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