Why should I donate to Samaritans Steps? 

We know that with some recent articles, reports, and stories that some nonprofits are irresponsible when it comes to donations they receive, but we want to assure you that we aren’t like some organizations. One thing we value is transparency. We want you to not only know exactly where your money is going, but also want you to see firsthand how your donation is making a difference. We don’t like wasting time or money, so rest assured that your donation would be in good, responsible, and honest hands.¬†Samaritans Steps Inc. is an officially recognized 501c3 application tax exempt organization.

What should I donate? 

Money, but that said we also accept in kind donations as well. When it comes to in-kind donations we do accept them usually at certain times of the year, specifically for certain events (story times, clothes drives, etc) the reason being simply because we don’t have the storage space. That said if you have stuff you want to donate, please let us know at, and we will let you know if we can accept it, or refer you to another great organization that will put it to good use.

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