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Today on the birthday of our founder, Kevin Lilly, we officially announce the launch of our “C Beyond” book scholarship that will help high school seniors with less than stellar GPAs get some of textbooks during their first year of college. This scholarship is directly impacted by our founder’s academic past.

In high school Kevin’s GPA wasn’t good at all. Its not that he was a dumb kid, but high school was tough for him and his GPA didn’t reflect his potential. He was unable to apply for many scholarships due to his GPA. When he got to college he worked hard and turned it around getting deans list multiple times and ultimatley graduating college with magna cum laude honors. He believes that if he can do it so can others, and he created the C Beyond Scholarship with the hopes of helping students who are currently in the position he was once in be able to get some of their books for college. The idea being they get their books, they do well in classes, and put themselves in position to get other scholarships later on. C Beyond is designed to see beyond a students’ low GPA and see the potential in a student and invest in that. 100% of the money raised is going to the scholarship. The requirements + application are included in the link on this page for those interested in applying. Applications are due June 20th, 2016 and the scholars will be chosen in August.

The scholarship winners will receive 500$ (250$ per semester) to go towards their textbooks. The scholarship is funded by Samaritans Steps & #TheMUSEUM TV. #TheMUSEUM TV is Boston’s Premiere Vlog, an outlet that provides a Platform for creatives to display their craft! You’ll see interviews, music videos, discussions on social issues, events and more! Through their content, collaboration among peers is well represented. You can view more at  TMTV.WORLD!

If you are interested in donating and supporting our scholarship you can do so though our donation page.


C Beyond Scholarship Requirements 


Press Release:

C Beyond Book scholarship press release


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