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5/17/16 Our Annual Report is online! In the report you’ll see what we accomplished in 2014-2015, how we spend money, and a few other things as well. You can check it out in the PDF here: Samaritans Steps 2014- 2015 Report

5/6/16 What a cool article about our founder and executive director, Kevin Lilly! The article itself is from the recent issue of Leaves, Lasell College’s alumni magazine, and its really well done. You can view the article itself here: Feature
4/25/16 Thank you to everyone who served with us, donated books & snacks, and contributed in anyway to our two storytime events this month!! Thank you also to Attorney General Healey and her staff for coming out as well! We couldn’t of done it without you all. We will be hopefully continuing them soon (these photos are taken by Renegade Shooters)

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3/10/16 So honored to be invited back to The Museum. We talk more about the C Beyond scholarship we are partnering on!

3/4/16 Can I briefly brag again about how awesome my friends are? Kristina Kaufmann & Natalie Kfoury are making 40 scarfs by hand that we will be able to give out to the homeless this coming winter. This is so cool and I had to shoutout them out. For some nonprofits they are focused on big donations and big successes, but it’s small things like this that truly blow me away and remind me why I love doing this!


3/3/16 So in April we will be having story-times for homeless children in couple motels in Boston! More details will be coming soon! With that said can I quickly brag about how awesome my friends are? Rachel matos, who had previously designed our domestic violence training, took it upon herself to start a book drive to get books for those kids to both encourage them to continue reading and encourage their families to read to them. If you have books you want to donate please let Rachel or myself knowimage

3/1/16 I’m hoping to have our Annual Report for 2014-2015 done, reviewed by our board, and posted on our website hopefully by the end of the month. In it you all would see the highlights of what we accomplished as well as where your donations actually go, because those who know me can tell you transparency is very important for me.

2/19/16 Learning a lot at this conference. It’s going to be fun when I get backimage

1/27/16 Our website is updated with more info about our two book scholarships as well as info about our newest board member. There will be more updates soon!!

1/1/16 Happy New Year!! We had an amazing year last year, and the only way is up! We have some exciting stuff coming this year as well as more more opportunities to get involved. Stay tuned!!

12/31/15 We have a new member to the Samaritans Steps board of directors, Captain Mark Bisson. We are excited to have him on board!

12/28/15 So because I really appreciate those who volunteer with us, I have a surprise for you all. Thanks to our friend Marc from the Celtics we have a pair of loge seats for the Celtics/Pistons game on 1/6. To everyone who helped us either wrap or deliver gifts your name will be put in a hat, and I would choose one winner at random tomorrow!
Happy Holidays!!!

12/23/15 What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more” – The Grinch

We had 13 volunteers armed with hundreds of gifts and other goodies and made over 100 homeless kids at three motels smile tonight! That alone made my entire Christmas. What a great ending to such a great year!!!


12/19/15 Huge thank you to all the volunteers who came out and helped us wrap gifts. We wrapped well over 100 toys and stuff today. The 23rd is gonna be fun.


12/17/15 I want to thank everyone who’s donated toys and clothes to us so far! Thanks to Stu for your amazing and incredibly generous toy donation, the girls from ESA who donated toys and jackets, Lasell’s Hope for Humanity club who donated a bunch of stockings with goodies, and everyone else! You all are awesome!! 

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12/16/15 So if you want to volunteer with us this Christmas you have two opportunities:

1) We will be wrapping gifts this Saturday from 10-1 at Conference Room A in the Codman Square Health Center. The address is 637 Washington St, Boston, MA 02124. I’ll bring coffee and donuts.

2) the 23rd from 7-9 we will be working with the onsite DHCD staff to actually deliver those gifts to homeless families in motels in Brighton. We will start at the Days Hotel in Brighton, and that is located at 1234 Soldiers Field Road. After that we will go to the Brighton Inn.

We hope to see you soon, and Happy Holidays 🙂 12341201_879370665513269_4802545447571165371_n

12/9/15 So the night of Christmas Eve we are going to be delivering toys to homeless families in motels. If you want to join us, please message us know, and we’ll let you know details once we have somethings finalized.

If you love to wrap, we have a bunch of games and toys to wrap and we can use your help. We are finalizing the space, but we would be wrapping Saturday the 19th in the morning. I’ll bring donuts + coffee.

Lastly our toy and clothes drive is still going on. So if you have unopened toys or clothes you would want to donate, please let us know and we’ll schedule a pick up.

Happy Holidays! (And yes that’s me in a Santa suit haha) 12310668_875280235922312_2229399589858540333_n

11/20/15 Tonight we had our Celtics game fundraiser and not only raised some money, but Samaritans Steps got to sponsor a few homeless/transitioning families and bring them to the Celtics game at no cost to them.When we first started doing the Celtics game fundraisers, we wanted to not only raise money for the organization, but we wanted to do something nice for homeless families that didn’t involve being miserable, dealing with shelter paperwork, or something that reminded them of their situation. We wanted to do something fun and nice for them to enjoy as a family that wouldn’t be so expensive its out of the question. We also got to get the kids on the court for the national anthem with the players! One mother who is currently homeless was so happy and said how much of a relief this is from all the mess she and her son currently deal with. Seeing the kids excited faces honestly made my year!


11/18/15 So we are doing a Toy and clothes drive this year!! all the toys we get will be wrapped in Samaritans Steps wrapping paper and given to homeless families on the night of Christmas Eve and the clothes will go to our friends cross the river at Y2Y Harvard Square. If you want to donate and support what we’re trying to do this winter please let us know!11249475_864230263693976_4029654578509470523_n

11/13/15 Our Celtics game fundraiser is coming up!! If you want to buy tickets you can do so through our donation page


11/6/15 Got to talk to the ESA senior class about Samaritans steps & nonprofits in general this afternoon and it went so well. It was so cool seeing some of them even more inspired to start their own organization. Also they want to help out with our upcoming toy drive!!! So grateful for the opportunity


11/2/15 Our founder and executive director had his first meeting as one of the newest members of the Special commission for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth!

12189529_856868544430148_253726245331831289_n9/1/15 Today we are excited to announce our College Initiative!!

The goal of our initiative, co-created by Tina Giarla and Kevin Lilly, is to create student led Samaritans Steps clubs on college campuses that work to actively prevent and end homelessness not only in the immediate community, but also for their homeless peers on campus.

We are looking for potential campus ambassadors to represent the organization on their college/university and create the club. If you are interested in a description of what we look for in our campus ambassadors, the application to apply, and more info you can find all that at

Samaritans Steps

8/26/15 This poster campaign is our effort to “re-humanize the homeless”. These quotes come directly from homeless individuals right here in Boston, and we didn’t change a thing. We wanted to stay true to their voice. Most people would never take a couple seconds to ask a homeless person their name; much less their story, and hopefully this campaign will help change some people’s perspective regarding the poor and less fortunate in this city. Homelessness in this commonwealth has risen, and recently there were articles about how family homelessness has gone up. This is unacceptable. Ignoring the problem wouldn’t make it go away, and its about time we started to take action.

Oftentimes when it comes to the homeless we tend to have a habit of reducing them to problems or projects. Some people take a couple negative stereotypes about homeless individuals, which for some might be true, and cast them on the entire group. Or we reduce them to projects, which is just as harmful. We hope to break this way of thinking and show everyone that the poor among us are not problems or projects, but people. Yes, some of them have issues. Yes, many of them are not perfect and have made mistakes, but when all is said and done we aren’t that much different. We want to remind this city that individuals who are experiencing homelessness are people too, and they deserve to be treated with dignity.
1. You can call your legislature and urge them to support House Bill 1129 aka the Homeless Bill of Rights. You can learn more about it here
2. You can be a human to an individual experiencing homelessness. You don’t have to give them money to make an impact, and as a matter of fact we wouldn’t encourage giving money, but rather food and supplies instead. However if you see an individual experiencing homelessness treat them like a human being…Ask them their name, if you have time listen to their story, and if possible connect them to resources in the area that could help them.
3. Lastly get involved with us. Samaritans Steps is an organization that wants to see homelessness, specifically youth homelessness, eradicated in this great commonwealth. In the past we participated in legislative advocacy, direct outreach, clothes drives and more. We plan to continue these efforts as well as introduce new and exciting initiatives and events in the upcoming months. There are many ways you can get involved with us. You can volunteer with us, donate to the organization, follow us on social media, etc. We cant end homelessness alone, but united we can do anything.

-Kevin Lilly
Founder & Executive Director of Samaritans Steps Inc.


6/2/2015: I am excited to say that today I was appointed by Governor Baker to the Special Commission for Unaccompanied Youth. I can’t wait to help be apart of the solution! 11391209_773394742777529_5403826045646363214_n

5/04/2015: We are officially a 501c3 tax exempt organization!!! We got the letter today!!!!

Samaritans Steps is Officially a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization!!!!!!!!!

Samaritans Steps is Officially a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization!!!!!!!!!

3/24/15: My interview on The Museum is up! In it I talk about homelessness, entrepreneurship, and of course Samaritans Steps. I hope you enjoy it

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